About Us

welcome to Neo Homes Limited

Neo Homes Limited is a well respected company that has been providing exceptional property development and management services in the city of Abuja for 1 year. Our company was established in 2023 with the aim of building quality homes in comfortable and functional developments to curb housing demand in Abuja and Delta state. As one of the top properties developer in the city, we create a competitive advantage for investors, buyers and sellers by prioritizing their needs.

We have built a strong team of professional architects, engineers, site managers, lawyers and marketers who put client satisfaction above quick results. Specializing in new construction, sales, property management, valuations and interior works, we are on hand to assist our clients to ensure they achieve their goals. We understand what motivates people to invest in quality homes, and how individual every decision is. Therefore, as a firm, we focus on creating real estate solutions that best suit our clients and add tangible value across all areas of real estate. In recognition of our pursuit of exemplary work, we have delivered quality homes to hundreds of clients who demand class, comfort and exclusivity.

Through our deep understanding of the market, latest technologies and changing trends, we guide our clients to achieve the best results in this ever-changing industry. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you will appreciate our integrity, expertise and proven ability to provide personalized, clear and well-researched Abuja real estate advice.

Our Management

Meet our team of management

Abubakar Shettima Arfo

Director Operations

Kenneth Mamuda

Project Manager